Lebanese Movies

Coming Soon :

The ValleyThe Valley

Stars: Carlos Chahine, Rodrigue Sleiman, Carole Abboud.

Coming Soon

After surviving a car crash in the middle of Lebanon’s isolated Beqaa Valley, an amnesiac man finds himself held hostage on a local farm that doubles as an illegal drug-production facility.



Chi Yom Ra7 FelOne Day I Will Leave

Stars: Adel Karam

Coming Soon

From the creators of Habbet Loulou comes a new Lebanese movie.


I'm Not A MartyrI’m Not a Martyr

Stars: Rodrigue Sleiman, Danielle Arden, Nour Hassan

Coming Soon

As bombs tear Beirut apart, Ahmed, a poet, leaves with his wife and daughter to take shelter in their house in the mountains. But in a country so small, you cannot escape conflict for long. Torn between his pacifist ideals and his
harsh reality, Ahmed is forced to leave his family and take up arms. He becomes another number, learning that there
is no real escape from the current conflicts in the Middle East, except through his mind.



Stars: Wissam Hanna, Leila Ben Khalifa

Coming Soon

A feature film based on true stories that have happened in the region about ghosts, demons, jinn and paranormal activity.


Scheherazade's DiaryScheherazade’s Diary

In Theater November 20 2014

An engaging tragicomic documentary that follows women inmates residing in Baabda prison, Lebanon. Directed by Zeina Daccache & Produced by Catharsis



Vitamin (1)Vitamin

Stars: Carlos Azar , Maguy Bou Ghosn

In theaters December 25 2014

In a remote and poor village, three girls decide to change their destiny. They plan to rub a truck assuming its loaded with cash.. but what they never imagined is found in the truck and this changes their village and own lives for ever!



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