JC & Sons LogoJoseph Chakra & Sons

Joseph Chacra & Sons was formed in 1987 in Lebanon as the theatrical distributor for Warner Bros. Pictures in the Middle East & North Africa. Founder Joe Chacra has dedicated most of his life to Warner Brothers and is the last of the Chacra Family to have actually met the legendary Jack Warner. Setting the company up, came after 30 year old ties between Joseph Chacra and Warner Bros. Pictures studios.

In 1995, the company extended its activities to Home Video distribution and in 1998, it became the distributor of New Line Cinema, releasing such films as the Rush Hour Series and The Lord of The Rings trilogy for the mini-major. The relationship with New Line lasted for more than 10 years before the latter was folded into Warner Bros.

Today Joseph Chacra & Sons is a leader in motion picture distribution in the region. Its slate of titles and marketing ideas have left their mark in the distribution arena and with moviegoers alike. In an excessively competitive environment, Joseph Chacra & Sons has successfully released Blockbuster Franchises such as Batman, Harry Potter & the Ocean’s series as well as box office successes: 300, Clash of the Titans, Hangover, Sherlock Holmes, Departed, Get Smart, Superman returns, I am Legend, 10,000 BC…

Joseph Chacra & Sons dedicated to providing excellent entertainment to moviegoers in the region.


OLt20 Logo - With LCC- Registered TradeMark-Low ResThe Official Lebanese Top 20

Driven by music passion, John Saad (founder and CEO of the Official Lebanese Top 20) decided that it was about time Lebanon had an official chart based on proper data. John Saad has been producing and hosting numerous chart shows for over 20 years on TV and radio and hence was in the ideal position to take on this challenge. Building on his expertise and knowledge of how other official charts work (like those of the Billboard Magazine in the US or the Official Charts Company in the UK), John Saad thoroughly examined the local music market. Since original music and CD sales are virtually non-existent in Lebanon, John Saad decided that a chart that focused on airplay would provide the most accurate chart. And now thanks to an exclusive partnership with Ipsos, the Official Lebanese Chart is here.


VIVA Entertainment

VIVA-COLOUR-LOGOMarket leaders in distribution, licensing and promotion of entertainment products in the MEA region, Entertainment solutions is a no compromise for Viva courtesy a dedicated Sales force supported by an excellent distribution team of seasoned professionals from the entertainment & allied industries. The Group currently employs over 240 such qualified professionals.

All of these would not have been possible without the guidance and the direction given to the company by our current Group Chairman, MR. PREM AMARNANI, a visionary, an entrepreneur who has been spearheading the company for over 40 years with a diverse business knowledge about entertainment solutions. He’s also known to have a very strong business association not only within the entertainment industry but outside as well. Viva Entertainment is the result of his hard work right from educating the government officials to the formation of copyright protection law.

Taking the company forward to newer heights is our Managing Director, MR. JACKY AMARNANI, with excellent leadership qualities and to have witnessed the best practices of traditional form of business, infusing it with a touch of modernity that laid the path to diversification and expansion. He follows an open door policy and is involved in day to day operations of the Group companies.

The greatest assets of the management are the people who have understood the corporate vision of the company and have taken the company to a position of strength, market leadership.



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